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By resolution of the City Council no. 230/33 of 20/06/2011 from 1st July 2011 , n° 50 July 28th 2014 , followed No. 12 of March 2nd 2015, were varied amounts of tourist tax:
1 star 1,50
2 star 2,50
3 star 3,50
4 star 4,50
5 star 5,00

Hotel Annalena
Small Romantic Hotel in Florence Italy

A special place where you can spend your time in relax.

with licensed for tours of Florence

We can provide for a private guide english and german speaking.
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Gherardo delle Notti
From February 10th 2015 to May 24th 2015
Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi
Info:+39 055 294883

Bronzes of the Hellenistic world
From March 14th 2015 to June 21st 2015
Florence, Palazzo Strozzi
Info:+39 055 2645155+39 055 2469600

Middle Ages on the road
From March 20 2015 to June 21 2015
Florence, Museo Nazionale del Bargello
Info:+39 055 294883

The Art of Francis. Masterpieces of art and lands of Asia from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century
From March 30th 2015 to October 11st 2015
Florence, Galleria dell'Accademia
Info:+39 055 290832

Florence Capital 1865-2015 The gifts and the collections of the King
From November 19th 2015 to April 3rd 2016
Florence, Palazzo Pitti, Galleria d'Arte Moderna
Info:+39 055 294883

Concert Season of the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina
From March to October 2015
Florence, Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio and Orsanmichele,
Cortile del Bargello
info: +39 055 783374

Meetings & Conferences

24th World International Wide WeConference
Florence - Fortezza da Basso
From May 18th - to May 22nd 2015

23rd International Enamellers Congress
Florence - Convitto della Calza
From May 24th 2015 to May 28th 2015

22nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration
Florence , Palazzo dei Congressi
From July 12nd to 16th July 2015

International Congress of Egyptologists
Florence, Museo Egizio
From August 23rd to August 30th 2015

Annalena的 饭店是一个真正的惊喜,一个珍贵的小角落,远离狂热的旅游,为客人提供最真实,最迷人的佛罗伦萨所提供的,从它的历史。

这家 饭店位于市中心,最正宗的城市仅有几步之遥,从旧桥(Ponte Vecchio),露天广场举行的Pitti,Boboli 的 花园而最重要的纪念碑.


纬度: 11.245822 - 经度: 43.763907

  • 从公路
    很 简单到 跟公路的太平门 FIRENZE IMPRUNETA, 然后你们继佛罗伦萨的中心 信息和 PORTA ROMANA的信息.
    到在 PORTA ROMANA, 右下面 门洞, 开始 ROMANA的路.

  • 从车站
    对于那些乘坐火车,有两辆公交车(36而37),车站是 最后的Serragli的路, 平行 的Romana, 我们在34号!或者,你可以乘坐出租车.

  • 从机场
    从韦斯普奇机场,你可以去佛罗伦萨的Santa Maria Novella火车站的的穿梭巴士(称为VOLAINBUS),抵达。从这里,你可以选择乘坐公共汽车或出租车。

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Hotel Annalena
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